Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm sitting in a motel room right now in Bloomington, Indiana. I came here Thursday morning to appraise a library for someone. They are going to donate it and needed a valuation for tax purposes. It is a large library—about 4000 volumes, plus an additional 1000 pamphlets. The books range from biblical studies to Judaica, with a good bit of Qumran and Classics thrown in for good measure.

This is the first trip with the new laptop, and the wireless is working very well. My old laptop had a separate card that you had to plug into the PCMCIA slot. Of course, it didn't always work, and the range was poor. But, the MacBook has it built-in, and very easy to configure. I'm enjoying it, as I kick back and type this.

At the place, they brought in cable Internet just so I could use it. They tested it Wednesday, and it worked fine, but Thursday when I plugged in there was nothing. Bad Feeling! We called up the supplier and talked to them. At first they wanted to blame it on my machine :( I told them that was not the the problem and asked them to ping the modem. They couldn't. Hmmm, can't be my machine, then can it? So, we rebooted the modem and everything went along just fine.

I have about 5 more hours of appraisal left for Friday, and then I head home, a 3.5 hour drive. If it is anything like Thursday, it will be a beautiful drive. Meantime, I updated the books I'm reading and books read on the side bar for the first time in a while. I was hoping to get to the blogroll, but I'm too tired. Maybe this weekend..

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