Saturday, March 08, 2008

Friday's quote on Saturday :)

Shame generates the ‘sinless’ society—not in reality, but in perception. But it is the perception that is most real to the psyche of the postmodern mind. It is this story that has to be met with our narratives of atonement because it is this story that shapes the postmodern. The chronically shamed, ‘sinless’ self needs to be saved — not from divine wrath, but from self-judgement, which isolates and alienates the self from (each) ‘Other’. They are emotionally, socially and spiritually paralysed by an inability to trust, to commit and to believe in themselves or others. Therefore, the postmodern self lives at the boundaries of intimate, fulfilling, healing, social interactions. They entertain and flirt with ideas of community and all that such human interaction demands, but in reality they are isolated, socially immature, even emasculated.— Atonement for a "Sinless" Society p. 52

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