Friday, June 27, 2008

Bang! Bang! Another one bites the dust

OK, bad title, but I have to agree with Scot McKnight on this one. The Supreme Court might be legally right, but they are wrong.

The Supreme Court decision is a classic example of being legal and right but dead wrong, in my opinion of course. Like the priest and levite who chose to avoid touching what they thought was a dead corpse but, in avoiding contracting impurity, missed the whole point of the law — to love God and to love others.

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"As long as their is sin in the world, there will be violence." I just read that yesterday in a book. But, do we have to make the tools of violence so readily available? Does anyone really need an automatic weapon? That is hardly a hunting weapon—at least not unless you are hunting humans!
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Angela Roskop Erisman said...

I saw a documentary recently on how the Estonians overthrew Soviet rule. Without a single drop of blood, but with floods of integrity and solidarity. Pretty nifty.

Maybe violence needn't accompany sin. Perhaps it's all about how we handle sin.

Anonymous said...

A study in Chicago "cited" here, produced the following table:
Percentage of Reported Gun and Knife Attacks
Resulting in Death

Weapon Deaths As Percentage of Attacks
Knives (16,518 total attacks) 2.4
Guns (6,350 total attacks) 12.2

Source: Firearms and Violence in American Life

The upshot is that the knifing victims ended up in the emergency room while the gunshot victims ended up in the morgue.