Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Emily Grace (June bug) Monday results

Joel and Renee couldn't post last night, but I talked to Joel on the phone (Debbie too!). Here's what happened:

The doctors stopped the prostoglandin yesterday morning, as planned. Emily's oxygen saturation levels dropped, as expected; the concern is if they drop below 70. They did drop below 70 last evening, but then recovered into the 80's, but were not stable, although they did not drop below 70 again. The doctors had a nurse technician do an ultrasound/echo monitor on Emily's heart. She was at it for about 45 minutes.

She was fairly sure that she saw forward movement of blood through the pulmonary artery, which is good. Because it was evening, the doctors were consulting with her over the phone. Given that it was evening, and that her levels were somewhat unstable, they decided to begin giving Emily the prostoglandin again. But, there will be a consultation between the doctors and a new ultrasound/echo monitor this morning.

Please pray! This is truly good news! If when the doctors review the ultrasound/echo monitor from last night and this morning they see forward movement of blood, they probably will not need to operate!

Joel told me they would call me at work today with any further updates. I will post them as soon as I hear.

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