Friday, June 27, 2008

lost post

I ran across this yesterday, it was supposed to have been posted a week ago Wednesday, which explains why there was no post that day :)

Again, from Absolute Surrender:
All the feebleness in the Church is owing to the refusal to obey its God.

And why is that so? I know your answer. You say: “We are too feeble and too helpless, and we try to obey, and we vow to obey, but somehow we fail.”

Ah, yes; you fail because you do not accept the strength of God. God alone can work out His will in you. You cannot work out God's will, but His Holy Spirit can; and until the Church, until believers grasp this, and cease trying by human effort to do God's will, and wait upon the Holy Spirit to come with His omnipotent and enabling power, the Church will never be what God wants her to be, and what God is willing to make of her.

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