Monday, October 06, 2008

The bailout and bicycling

Hey! I might stand to benefit from the bailout. There is an obscure provision in the bill that allows tax credits to businesses with employees who bicycle to work. Granted, it is a whopping $20/month, so it might not even be worth the paperwork for Eisenbrauns to do it...but maybe it will. There are 3 of us who bike to work currently; with a tax credit maybe that will increase, who knows.

Just think, at $240/year it will only take me 30 years to earn back what it is costing me as a taxpayer! Of course, I'm sure there is a time limit on the tax credit, and at 52, I probably won't be bicycling to work for 30 years longer, but with the current economic situation, I might be. Or, it could get worse and I might be forced to sell my bike for food—NEVER! :)

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