Tuesday, October 07, 2008


“Just as the word of God became flesh, so it is certainly also necessary that the flesh may become word. In other words; God becomes man so that man may become God. Thus power becomes powerless so that weakness may become powerful. The Logos puts on our form and pattern, our image and likeness, so that it may clothe us with its image, its pattern, and its likeness. Thus wisdom becomes foolish so that foolishness may become wisdom, and so it is in all other things that are in God and in us, to the extent that in all these things he takes what is ours to himself in order to impart what is his to us.”—Martin Luther, Christmas sermon of 1514 (quoted in Partakers of the Divine Nature, page 191)

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Whodda thunk!!?? That certainly sounds like Athanasius to me. Hard to believe that such an important insight would be all but forgotten in Western theology for 500 years.
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