Friday, October 17, 2008

Eisenbrauns ASOR/SBL sale in October

Don't want to pay the airlines for those extra books you schlep home from SBL every year? We don't want you to, either! So, we are doing what we can to help:
SBL prices on-line from now until October 31.

These are the same prices you would/will pay in the booth, but you don't have to pay the Boston sales tax, or the airlines' extra suitcase/overweight fees.

Discounts are 20-50% off, including new release and not yet released items. Enjoy the savings and tell your friends. But, don't forget to swing past the booth anyway. We are still giving away two $50.00 gift certificates each day. Besides that, we want to see you :)

Oh, I almost forgot, there are 631 titles on sale! That has got to be some kind of record for us. I know I feel like it was a lot of work, and I'm sure Andy and Shannon both agree with me.


Andy said...

Yup. The Sale That Almost Killed Me. That's the one, officer!

Evan said...

I just found out about your discount on Barth's Dogmatics... is this part of the SBL sale and ending on the 31st as well?

jps said...

Andy-ain't it the truth?

Evan, No, that is a separate sale that will run until November 31. The books will not be published until next February.


Anonymous said...


Those are some great deals. Thanks for sharing the SBL discount love with everybody. ;)

jps said...


My pleasure!