Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Final thoughts...

This is the final excerpt from The Elements of Biblical Exegesis.

“A superior exegesis sheds unique light on a biblical text because the exegesis is the result of one’s own personal engagement with the text. Such an exegesis is really an expression of the unique intersection of contexts—those of the author, the original readers, and the interpreter. If you apply yourself to the study of the Bible, always keeping an eye on its various contexts—as well as your own—you may well be surprised at what you discover.”— The Elements of Biblical Exegesis, page 179.

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I think this paragraph summarizes the whole book quite nicely. I hope you have enjoyed the ride with me through the book. I want to thank Bobby from Hendrickson for the book—and for being more than just a sales rep; I consider him a friend and brother in Christ.
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Anonymous said...

i have found these excerpts quite enlightening. thank you for sharing them.