Monday, January 12, 2009

Prayer request

Joel & Renee just found out late last week that Rachel has Celiac Disease.

Huh? That's what I said, too. Here's Renee's explanation:

That sounds terrible and awful, but really, it's just an allergy to gluten. We are relieved that it's nothing terminal, cancerous, or some unknown disease. This is fixable and doesn't involve medications. It does, however, require a major adjustment in diet. Gluten is in just about everything except rice, corn, potato, fruit, veggies, meat, dairy and eggs.

Please pray for them as they adjust their diets accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

My aunt has Celiac disease. It was hard to adjust at first, but it turned out to be a blessing—she's forced to eat a very healthy diet now. She does especially well with authentic Asian and Mexican cuisine and a Mediterranean-type diet. Kasha is her favorite substitute for gluten-containing grains. It can be a great excuse to experiment with exotic ingredients. After a few years, Renee will probably find that it's not really a burden after all.