Monday, August 16, 2010

It's harvest time

This weekend was full of harvesting goodness.

On Saturday, I picked about 3.5-4 bushels of apples. They are smallish, but perfect for applesauce, three different kinds. I'm not sure what the varieties are, but they have a good flavor; two of them are sweet and the third is tart. They should make a good sauce.

I also picked about 20 pounds of tomatoes, and there are at least that many right on the verge of needing to be picked. Yesterday I made 25 jars of tomato sauce; that should give us enough for the year (60 10 ounce jelly jars—perfect for a pizza). I'll start making tomato soup next; I hope to get at least 30 pints, which shouldn't be a problem. I'll make stewed tomatoes last, about 30 quarts.

We picked another watermelon on Friday; it was a large round Sweet Crimson. Delicious! And, the beans keep coming, but the cucumbers aren't liking the heat; I only got 4 yesterday. I might not get enough pickles this year; I've only got about 25 quarts right now; I like to have closer to 40.

I also got some peaches, but they need to ripen a bit before I can process them. Probably be ready about Wednesday. I bought a 1/2 bushel, which should translate to about 10 quarts, so I'll need to get another 1/2 bushel next weekend.

How's your garden doing this year?

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