Wednesday, August 04, 2010

More lawn tractor woes

About two months ago, I wrote that we were looking at lawn tractors. Well, that night we bought one, a Troy-Bilt Bronco—20 HP, 42-inch cut. Forty-two inches is perfect for us; we have too many obstacles for a 48-inch cut, and 32-inch takes forever to mow the almost 2 acres we have.

It runs wonderfully well and cuts evenly. But, last week it developed a problem: it won't start. You can hear the solenoid clicking, but the starter won't engage. I tried all the usual tricks. I disengaged and re-engaged all the safety switches, checked the fuse, the connections, turned the engine over by hand. I had my neighbor, who does this for a living, do the same thing. Same verdict: it won't start.

So, this morning I took it in for warranty repair. I got there, and they did the same routine that I had done, and that my neighbor had done. Same result. They tell me it should be repaired by the end of the week. We all agree it has to be something simple...

Meanwhile, anybody got a goat they want to loan me? I'm getting lost in the grass! If I don't post for a day or two, send out a rescue squad! I'm probably lost somewhere between the house and the barn or garden and forgot my compass :)

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