Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Open Office Calc problem

Am I the only one who has had this happen? Google comes up blank...

I have a large spreadsheet—sales for the last 24 months, 34000+ lines—that I did a subtotal calculation on. I collapsed the data so that all I see is the subtotals, then I saved it. Now, I reopen the sheet and the subtotals are all there, complete with the formulas in the cells, but I can't expand it to see the detail anymore! I've tried selecting it all and redoing the subtotals, in case the data would reappear. Nope!

Anybody know what I can do? Sure, I can recreate it or restore a backup (I use Time Machine—a wonderful tool!), but I've done lots of stuff on the file since then that I would like to keep...Frustration!!!!!


Tim Bulkeley said...

Do you use Dropbox? It has incremental backups often useful in such circumstances... though maybe the backup tool you mentioned does this also?

jps said...


Yes, I have Dropbox—a wonderful tool. But, Time Machine is local and automatic every hour.