Thursday, April 07, 2011

Various things of no interest

I haven't talked about the garden for a while, so here we go...

We ate spinach all winter long from the hoop house, but lately it has been doing very well. I pulled the first green onion of the year on Tuesday; I planted them back in November and they overwintered. The radishes I planted on January 30 are starting to be ready to eat, and the carrots I planted back in October have been giving us a few every now and then.

On Tuesday, I made a salad out of fresh spinach, fresh green onions, fresh carrots, one radish, some home made pickle relish, some home made pickled beets, and home made yogurt for a dressing. Yum!

Last night Debbie and I made sauerkraut. We'll see how it turns out...the last time I tried it was 28 years ago in Kentucky. The salt in the mixture caused the canning rings to rust to the lids. I tried opening them by cutting the rings with a hacksaw; it didn't work. I got so discouraged about it that I've not tried it again. Debbie is actually the one who convinced me to try it again!

It's simple to make (if it turns out!). I used a recipe that calls for less salt and uses whey as a starter instead of all salt. We used the whey left over from the cottage cheese. The cats get the rest.

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but I transplanted 17 broccoli plants on March 20 and put row cover over them. The next week the temperature dropped to 20º. I decided not to transplant the Roma tomatoes into the hoop house after that. But, I have this afternoon off (I'm leaving as soon as I post this) and I will begin to harden them off. I'll probably transplant them Sunday.

This weekend I will be planting peas, onions, and probably some potatoes (under cold frames). Good eating is coming our way!


Mike Aubrey said...


You're awesome.

That's my 2 cents! said...

Yum!! I'm no fan of sauerkraut, but the salad you guys had sounds delicious.