Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The voice of YHWH

“So overwhelmed are the people by the experience of hearing God's voice from the mountain ([Exodus] 20:18) that they urge Moses to act as their mediator, relaying the words of God to them lest they die (20:19). Moses, however, reminds them that the experience of hearing God's voice directly was designed to create in them 'the fear of God' in order 'that you may not sin' (20:20). Here it is human experience of the awesome voice of Yahweh that is identified as a remedy for sin, but the people are reticent, and so Moses assumes the role of mediator, entering into God's presence (20:21).—A Severe Mercy, page 39

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"but the people are reticent..." yep; we are. The voice of YHWH, and within 40 days they fall into sin with the golden calf...and people claim that humanity didn't fall!
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