Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For the sake of humanity

“But there is one more important contribution made by Gen 2:18. This text makes it clear that the focus of the designed functions is not on God but on humanity. The biblical text is not interested in the scientifically investigatable functions of the various parts of the cosmos. That is to say, the function of time established by the alternating periods of light and darkness has no meaning or significance apart from people. This function serves neither the divine realm nor the “natural” realm. Not only is the sun not a manifestation of deity in Genesis, but it neither functions for deity’s sake nor is it simply a burning ball of gas. As v. 14 reports, the function of the lights is to mark signs, festivals, days, and years—precisely the uses that humans have for these functionaries.”— Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology, page 170

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