Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Serving the gods

“The foundation of religion in Mesopotamia is that humanity has been created to serve the gods by meeting their needs for food (sacrifices), housing (temples), clothing, and in general giving them worship and privacy so that these gods can do the work of running the cosmos. The other side of the symbiosis is that the gods will protect their investment by protecting their worshipers and providing for them. Humans thus find dignity in the role that they have in this symbiosis to aid the gods (through their rituals) in running the cosmos.”—Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology, page 78

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A bit different from the biblical God, eh? Of course, to hear some people talk, maybe it; claim it; stomp on it and frame it! They want a tame god, but the only way to get a tame god is to have an incompetent one that you need to take care of. I'll stick with the biblical God!
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