Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get over it!

Until you are willing to take the things of your life, push them on beyond Satan, and lay them at the Father's feet, you won't get peace. I'm not saying you might not get some resolution. God may deliver you from a bad circumstance. But I notice that when I hear people say, “God delivered me from this,” or “God rescued so-and-so from that,” the next one on their mind is the devil. Everything had to do with the devil.

Phooey on the devil. God already dealt with him. GOD HAS ALREADY DEALT WITH HIM! And if the devil doesn't know it, you and I ought to know it. We watch God take the devil's tricks and lies and turn them around on him. They are the very horse manure out of which grows a beautiful plant. And we praise the Lord.— The Rest of the Gospel: When the partial Gospel has worn you out, page 137

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I read a book a few years ago about spiritual warfare where the author said, "I radically disbelieve in the devil!" He didn't mean he didn't believe in his existence, but he disbelieved that he had any power over God. To hear some people talk (as I said yesterday), you would think they were dualists, that is that God and satan are equals. What heresy for a Christian to think that! Satan is a created being; created by God. As Luther was wont to say, he's God's devil...
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