Monday, August 09, 2010


Last Thursday, I opened up a watermelon from the garden. It was a 9-inch round Sweet Crimson; the same kind we grew last year. Delicious! Then, yesterday, Jim and Shannon came over and we took a 19-inch monster from the patch. I don't know how much it weighed, but it was heavy. I can't recall the name of the variety, but we cracked it open and ate half of it on the spot. Delicious! Jim and Shannon took the other half home with them.

Not content with that, we finished off the other half of the round one. It wasn't as good as Thursday night, but it was still good. We have several other melons, but they are "only' 15-17 inches long.

In other gardening news, the tomatoes have officially begun. I picked a dozen on Tuesday, another dozen on Thursday. Yesterday we picked more; I lost count. So, I canned 23-12 oz. jelly jars of tomato sauce; 12 oz. is the perfect size for one pizza. I have enough tomatoes for another dozen tonight. Also, I canned 6.5 quarts of bread and butter pickles and froze some more beans. The first planting of cucumbers is about done and the second is about ready to bear. The acorn squash are looking good, but aren't ripe yet. The potatoes are still quite small, but there is noticeable growth now. The peppers are finally starting to form and grow. They seem late this year.

The lawn tractor got fixed on Friday; it was only a bad solenoid. So, Friday I mowed our yard, alias hay field. It was so long that I had to use a high setting. I mowed again yesterday at the regular height, so now you can walk in the yard without wading through grass :)

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