Monday, October 04, 2010


A bit early this year, like 2 weeks! This morning, I woke up to frost on the lawn. I wasn't quite ready for that yet. I put the cover on the greenhouse over the weekend, but didn't have all the row cover ready yet. I guess I shouldn't have listened to the weatherman when he said no frost :(

Oh well. We'll see what survived when I get home tonight. I'm hoping for more green peppers. That's about the only thing I don't have enough of right now. It would be nice to get some more tomatoes for fresh eating, too. But if they didn't make it, I have enough canned.

Speaking of tomatoes, last year I read that you can take a cutting of a tomato and bring it inside for the winter. If you place it in a big pot with potting soil and give it a gro-lite™, it will bear. So, yesterday, I took a cutting of a cherry tomato and did just that. We'll see what happens...

The only thing I'm really worried about is the kohlrabi, beets, and bunching onions that have just come up. I put a cold frame over them, but didn't close the cover. We'll see how cold-hardy they really are!

Riding to work this morning was beautiful, though. The mist was rising off the lakes as I rode by. The air was nice and crisp; the sun was just peaking over the horizon. I love this time of year!


Shaun Tabatt said...

We had frost in MN last night too. No worries though as our garden is pretty much done for this year.

jps said...


That sounds about right for Minnesota, but frost usually waits two weeks here in Indiana.