Friday, October 08, 2010

Whence this madness?

On my way to work today, I rode past a house that recently had been sold. The new owners have had a dumpster out front for a few days; each day there is a bit more stuff in it. But, today, I noticed that the beautiful dogwood that was in front of the house was gone. They had cut it down! All that was left was a pile of brush where it had once proudly bloomed every spring.

What madness! I can understand cutting a diseased or dying tree. I can understand cutting a tree that is too close to the house. But, to cut down a healthy tree, not even close to the foundation of the house? I can't fathom it—especially a dogwood!

This seems to be happening a good bit this summer. A few weeks ago, we were on a bike ride and went past what used to be a wooded lot. They had cut down about 20 oak trees, not small ones, either. A bit further on that same ride, we came around a corner and discovered that another grove of trees, along a lake/pond, had been cut down. And, further along on that same ride, we came to the top of a hill where there used to be a nice grove of trees around a house. The trees were cut off 6 feet from the ground! What madness is this?

Why the sudden cutting of perfectly healthy trees?

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Joel and Renee said...

Hmm, i'm not sure about the oak trees but maybe the people with the dogwood have allergies?? that really is too bad about the trees. Love, Renee