Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Kids in small groups

"Oftentimes, group members see the children in a way that is counterproductive. Some of these ways include these false beliefs:

* Kids are a nuisance to group life.
* Small groups are for adults, and the kids are not group members until they can participate in the discussion.
* Bible study is the purpose of the meeting and it is an intellectual activity.
* Kids are not old enough to be used by the Spirit."
Missional Small Groups, page 124

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Wow! The last one floored me! I have seen God use kids in a way adults would never let him! To say that kids aren't old enough is just plain insane.

That being said, dealing with kids in a small group/house church setting isn't simple. He spends the better part of the next 2 pages expanding on it. I've also read chapters-long ideas on how to handle kids in a small group/house church setting. There really isn't an "easy" answer, but they are definitely not to be viewed as second-class citizens!
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Alan Knox said...

Funny... I read that same passage last night. The one that I've always heard is this: "Kids are a distraction."

I've tried my best to show people that if they think kids are a distraction, the problem lies with them, not the kids.


jps said...


Only too true. Part of the problem is that our society is anti-kids. They aren't a blessing; they're a problem—or a marketing opportunity!


Anonymous said...

It takes work to train kids to sit still. but it's worth it! And kids learn so much when they are exposed to conversations about Jesus that are above their level. The questions Josh asks are wonderful and challenging. -Renee