Friday, December 31, 2010

Musings at the end of a year

Yesterday we had a 3.8 earthquake (downgraded from 4.2); today we had a thunderstorm and it is 50º F. What's going on?

Simple; I'm becoming a senior citizen tomorrow! Yep, in only 15 more years I can retire. Of course, by then they will have raised the retirement age to 80, but no worries. As long as I can ride my bike to work, I'm fine for another 30 years :)

Seriously, though. May you have a blessed and happy year in 2011. May God make the fullness of his glory known to you through Christ. And may you learn to rest more fully in his love.

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Joel and Renee said...

Happy Birthday you old toot!

Love your son-in-law.