Friday, January 21, 2011

A radical change

“As we have seen, on the one hand the NT texts are consistent in claiming that it is the God of the OT, the God of Jewish tradition, who sent Jesus, raised him from death, and exalted him to heavenly glory, and now demands that Jesus be reverenced. On the other hand, these same texts emphasize that in view of these things it is now no longer possible to speak adequately of 'God' without confessing Jesus' significance and, equally important, that an adequate obedience and devotion to 'God' now requires the inclusion of Jesus as recipient of reverence ad devotion with 'God.' So, the NT texts express a major reconfiguring of God-discourse, and a major reconfiguring of devotion to 'God' as well.”—God in New Testament Theology, pages 111-112

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That's the last quotation from the book. I wasn't sure when I started reading it if I would be able to excerpt from it; Hurtado's writing doesn't lend itself to excerpting very well. I hope that what I've posted whets your appetite for more and hasn't distorted what he is saying too badly.

I'm not sure what I will be excerpting next. I've just finished two business books, but I'm not sure how much of those I'll post. What do you want to see?
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