Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Yes, we're still talking about the gods...

“All of this means that the 'God' of the NT is posited, not as one among others, or as one member of a divine genus, but as sui generis, uniquely and solely worthy of worship. In the NT, 'God' (ho theos) represents something categorically distinguished from the many deities of the Roman environment. Indeed, as illustrated by the Pauline passage that we have considered, all the other gods are to be regarded as invalid, spurious, and unworthy of worship. They are 'idols' (eidolon), a term with a distinctly pejorative connotation that emerged in ancient Jewish tradition and was appropriated also among earliest Christians. In short, faith in the NT 'God' requires a practical kind of disbelief in all other gods, or at least a radically negative and pejorative view of them and the worship given to them.”—God in New Testament Theology, pages 29-30

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This is good stuff. I can't recommend this book enough. As Augustine was told, "Tolle! Lege!" Pick it up and read it!
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