Tuesday, May 03, 2011

and the answer is...

“Although the administration of the legal code was designed to deal with offenses, Yahweh provided his own direct covenant blessings to encourage obedience and direct covenant curses to discourage and bring an end to disobedience. These curses appear to replace sacrifice with the suffering connected with the curse. This is made clear in the ultimate curse of exile, which promotes listening to Yahweh, adhering to commands, confessing sins, humbling the heart, and providing sacrifice through suffering. Through this there is an opportunity for renewal of covenant with Yahweh.”—A Severe Mercy, page 85 (emphasis his)

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Pretty severe—perhaps that's why the book is called A Severe Mercy? But, in the end, God will use whatever means he can to woo us to himself. Augustine called the Holy Spirit "the hound of heaven" for a good reason!
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