Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Is there no remedy?

“There appears to be no remedy to remove the guilt of the present generation save their death in the wilderness. Yahweh's merciful forgiveness, however, is available to save the nation. The only effective function available for a human figure is Moses' mediation before Yahweh. He secures the forgiveness of mitigated punishment through an appeal to the glory Yahweh enjoyed among the nations and the mercy Yahweh promised to his people.

“It is important not to miss that Numbers 15 follows immediately after the rebellion at Kadesh in Numbers 13-14. In it, Yahweh highlights the provision of mercy through the sacrificial system for those who sin unintentionally (15:22-29) but the lack of this kind of mercy for those who sin defiantly (15:30-31). The sin of the wilderness generation in not taking the promised land is subtly linked to defiant sin, for which there was no remedy.”A Severe Mercy, page 94

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Not very hopeful sounding is it? I hope it gets better, or we are all doomed...
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