Friday, May 20, 2011

Today is

National ride your bike to work day.

I also have decided to call it "International Let's Plant a Tree Day" in honor of Martin Luther's saying

Even if I knew the world was going to end tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today.

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Of course, I don't know the world is going to end tomorrow, nor do I believe that Camping has a clue about what he is saying; his track record isn't very good... But, the point of Luther's statement is that everything we do should be an offering to God. So, even if the world were to end tomorrow, the tree would still be an offering to God.

If it weren't for the fact that we're going to Minnesota to get 3 of the grandkids, maybe I'd plant a tree. More likely, I'd plant more in the garden, though.
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That's my 2 cents! said...

I wish I put a bike rack on the back of mom's car. I could use a ride with all the food I've been eating. Yuck! When I get home I'm riding!