Thursday, February 23, 2012

New 10-day sale

Yep, the new 10-day sale is up. Here's the skinny, from BookNews:

New 10-Day Special: Books by Isaac Kalimi, 20-51% off

We have a new book arriving next week that is edited by Isaac Kalimi. I thought that might be a good opportunity to highlight some other books he has either written or edited; including one appearing in April of this year.

An Ancient Israelite Historian
Studies in the Chronicler, His Time, Place and Writing
by Isaac Kalimi
Studia Semitica Neerlandica - SSN 46
Van Gorcum, 2005. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9789023240716
List Price: $79.50
Your Price: $63.60

This book is now published by Brill; we have some of the Van Gorcum edition left. The Brill printing retails for $140—buying this one saves you 51%! Same edition, better price.

Conditioned by his own time and place, the Chronicler (that is, the author of the book of Chronicles) evaluated the past from his own historical context and its standards. This means that the book of Chronicles primarily represents the views of its author about the past, making it applicable to the time and generation when it was composed, rather than representing the times and generations spoken about, the monarchic period.
The message of the Chronicler was undeniably different from that of the earlier biblical works and was... (more)

Early Jewish Exegesis and Theological Controversy
Studies in Scriptures in the Shadow of Internal and External Controversies
by Isaac Kalimi
Jewish and Christian Heritage Series - JCHS 2
Van Gorcum, 2002. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9789023237136.
List Price: $59.00
Your Price: $47.20

This book also is now published by Brill for $96.00—ours is 49% cheaper!

The book is an important study on aspects of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament theology, the reception of biblical texts in Judaism and Christianity; the Aqedah, and related topics.

The book comprises three main parts: a) the Aqedah and the Temple, b) Biblical Texts in Polemical Contexts, and c) Biblical Theology, Judaism and Christianity. Although each part deals with a specifically defined topic, all are linked by some common themes: all the sections discuss early Jewish exegesis, namely the interpretation of early Scriptures in... (more)

The Books of Chronicles
A Classified Bibliography
by Isaac Kalimi
Simor Bible Bibliographies - SBB
Simor, Ltd., 1990. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9789652420084
List Price: $38.00
Your Price: $30.40

The Reshaping of Ancient Israelite History in Chronicles
by Isaac Kalimi
Eisenbrauns, 2005. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9781575062396
List Price: $49.50
Your Price: $34.65

The Retelling of Chronicles in Jewish Tradition and Literature
A Historical Journey
by Isaac Kalimi
Eisenbrauns, 2009. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575061498
List Price: $59.50
Your Price: $35.70

Jewish Bible Theology
Perspectives and Case Studies
Edited by Isaac Kalimi
Eisenbrauns, Forthcoming, February 28, 2012. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575062310
List Price: $49.50
Your Price: $44.55

New Perspectives on Ezra-Nehemiah
History and Historiography, Text, Literature, and Interpretation
Edited by Isaac Kalimi
Eisenbrauns, Forthcoming, April, 2012. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575062334
List Price: $49.50
Your Price: $44.55

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