Monday, February 27, 2012


“I have sought in this book to advance a descriptive theology of the book of Genesis, outlining not what I wish the text said—in conformity with my own ethical sensibilities and mores—but, rather, what the text communicates and how it does so. Reading the Bible should not be an easy enterprise. Readers of the Bible are invited to participate in the conversation occurring across time within its pages. This conversation should be unsettling at points. It should raise questions. It should prompt self-reflection. It should press us to think 'outside the box,' to reevaluate who we are and who God is.”—Jacob and the Divine Trickster, page 175

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While I disagree with where he ends up in the book, I definitely agree with this sentiment. The Bible should never be a comfortable book! It should cause us to think and review what we claim we believe. And, it should lead us to Jesus and the realization that we are totally dependent on him...
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