Monday, February 13, 2012

Recipe experiments

We experiment a good bit with various recipes—always have, but even moreso now that we are whole-foods, plant-based—and most of them are one-timers. We make it once, then discard it. I can only think of two times when the results have been inedible: once, about 10 years ago, Debbie and Renee made an anise cookie. It was so bad that not even the birds would eat it! And, about 2 years ago, when I tried to make a rye bread with only rye flour. It was inedible, like a rock. We put it on the compost pile; the raccoons pulled it off and tried to eat it. We found it about 25 yards from the compost pile, uneaten. It was that bad.

Well, this weekend, I tried an oatmeal cracker. It sounded good; there was cinnamon and some sugar in it. So, I whipped it up Saturday night. The dough was pretty plain, so I added a bit more cinnamon. After it came out of the oven, we tried a bit. Seemed pretty bland, but sometimes things taste better once they cool down. Nope. The only saving grace was that we had purchased some freshly ground peanut butter that afternoon. It was edible with peanut butter. Sunday morning, I tried it with peanut butter and pickle and peanut butter and honey. Both were tolerable and we'll eat them, but:

If you are looking for a replacement for cardboard, I think we just found it!

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