Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Victory

“We have no power against the enemy apart from the power of Christ. Without our spiritual union with Jesus, we are 'toast.' This is the most fundamental dimension to spiritual victory. We cannot stand against the devil through determination, through learning the proper formula to repeat to him, by exercising greater effort, or even by quoting Scripture (though these things may have their place). We stand against the devil through Christ. Jesus is a living, real person, and we must know Him. We must walk with Him daily. Without Him, we cannot stand. With Him, we cannot be destroyed.”—John Coblentz in The Victorious Life, page 93 <idle musing> Amen! </idle musing>

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That's my 2 cents! said...

From God's mouth to our ears...PLEASE??? PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP???