Monday, April 30, 2012

Compost bin

We put all vegetable and fruit scraps from the kitchen in the northern bin. All weeding and trimming go in as well. I turn all 3 bins with a garden fork every month or two spring-fall. I use the south bin as needed; I have used it in the garden, but find it works best for filling holes in the yard—of which there are many, thanks to the moles. When the north bin gets full, I transfer the middle to the south, and the north to the middle. Then I put down a layer of about 3-6 inches of straw and start rebuilding the pile. Because of the gradual nature of the pile-building, it is what is called a cold pile. It doesn't get hot enough to kill weed seeds, so I don't add weeds that have gone to seed—which is also why I don't tend to use it on the garden as much...

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