Tuesday, May 01, 2012


More idle musings on gardening...

They say that one year of weed seeds equals seven years of weeding—and that is what I have found as well. I try to do a little each week-end, not letting them go to seed. If you don't deep till, you shouldn't have a problem in raised beds. The new raspberry bed and the asparagus beds need regular attention. Once the raspberries get established, they don't require much weeding.

The herb bed seems to attract weeds, so I regularly weed that. The blueberries only require weeding about twice a year. The new beds to the west, where I was going to put strawberries, will need a good weeding on a regular basis this year. Next year they should be quite clean.

In the spring, I cover the beds with row cover to keep from having to pull maple trees all summer long! I learned that the hard way :( Nothing like a nice maple tree sticking up in the middle of your beans...

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