Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eisenbrauns is hiring!

It's official now. This just went out in an e-mail to the BookNews
Marketing Director / Acquisitions Editor

June, 2012

Eisenbrauns is accepting applications for a position that combines marketing and manuscript acquisitions. The Marketing Director role is responsible for promoting all aspects of the Eisenbrauns book publishing and distribution divisions, including electronic, catalog, social media, and convention marketing. The Acquisitions Editor role assists in the evaluation of materials for publication and in setting the direction of our publishing program. These two functions are distinct but are, because of the size of the company, closely related.

James Spinti, our long-time Marketing Director, leaves Eisenbrauns at the end of June in order to live near family in northern Minnesota. Eisenbrauns is therefore looking for a person who can provide some of the services that the current Marketing Director maintains but who also will assist the Publisher in development of the company's Publishing Division, primarily through acquisitions of manuscripts for publication.

The successful applicant will

Need to relocate to Winona Lake/Warsaw, Indiana;
Have a strong background in ancient Near East and/or Hebrew Bible (Ph.D. or near-Ph.D. status preferred);
Enjoy working in a small-company context;
Be a word-smith who enjoys language, editing, and good writing;
Find prior knowledge of modern publication technology (print and electronic) to be very beneficial.
To apply for this position, send your indication of interest and resumé/C.V. to publisher at, with the subject of your e-mail "Application for Position."

You can also find this notice posted on our web site at target

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