Monday, May 07, 2012

New Testament Theology excerpts

I finally got some excerpts typed in, so today begins a series of excerpts from New Testament Theology. I've been plugging away at this book for over a year. I have to say, it has good moments, but on the whole, it reminds me of why I generally avoid Evangelical theologies: they are afraid to break new ground. Not to say that it is wrong on their part; it just isn't why I read theology. I'm more interested in getting challenged and forced to think in new ways. Anyway, the first excerpt:

“The statements [at the beginning of Acts] about actions being performed in the name of Jesus are highly significant. These must be heard against the Old Testament background in which it is the name of Yahweh that functions in this kind of way, and the inevitable conclusion is that here the name of Jesus functions in the same way as the name of Yahweh and indeed replaces it. He alone is the channel through which salvation is available (Acts 4:12).”—New Testament Theology, page 161

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High Christology, indeed!
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