Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eisenbrauns has a new mug!

Yep. We just announced it today. Here's the graphic and e-mail:

It happens at every conference...

Someone asks when the new mug will be unveiled. Wait no more! Eisenbrauns is happy to announce the 2012-2013 mug! You can see it this fall at AAR/SBL in Chicago—or, you can be beat the rush by pre-ordering now. Just click on the image; as soon as they arrive, yours will be in the mail. —Enjoy! James

Eisenbrauns 2012 Mug
A Hittite Proverb
Eisenbrauns, Forthcoming June 2012.
14 oz. Ceramic. Hittite and English.
Your Price: $7.50

"Some things get lost, but others remain"—It's true of archaeological digs; it's true of empires; it's true of rabbits and double-headed eagles. The new Eisenbrauns mug presents you with a Hittite proverb and the double eagle, symbol of the Hittite empire. If there's a tougher academic ancient Near Eastern mug out there, we will challenge it in a fight to the death.

A bit bigger than the average mug, this sleek, black beauty will intimidate the rest of your drinkware, and take your wine glasses captive as spoils of war.


Joel and Renee said...

Didn't you have a couple t shirts like this? o so long ago.. :)

jps said...

Yes indeed. Two of them—one blue and one black. I think Ryan ended up with the blue one until it fell apart : )