Tuesday, April 10, 2012


“From the epilogue, it is clear that God’s vindication of Job’s honesty, proven in his passionate recriminations against God and against his friends’ simplistic theories, is more important for Job than knowing the reason for his suffering. The epilogue shows Job satisfied by the divine assurance that his friends’ arguments were specious, as he had always asserted (13:7–10, 19:22–29, 42:7–9). Beyond that, God does not go in revealing to Job the cause of his suffering.”—Jewish Bible Theology, page 227

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I like that! He doesn't care why it happened, he's just happy to know that it's not a "you deserved it" response on God's part. I've been there; I didn't care as much about what was happening as I did in knowing that I didn't do anything to deserve it.
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