Monday, May 27, 2013

Count the cost

Modern medical science has given us wonderful gifts, but these gifts have not been free. The astonishing technical capability of medicine, while invaluable in certain areas, has exacted an enormous price from our collective understanding. The medical doctor holds one of the most respected and admired places in our society. But that awe has produced a danger: Most people believe that ingenious medical procedures are likely to save them from any disease process that they may have to face! This belief is absolutely false. The truth is far different and ominous.— The Pleasure Trap, page 37

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Can anyone say "Idolatry!"???? Far too often, I fear, when we say we are thankful that so-and-so got better, we aren't so much thankful to God as to medical science. That's a slap in the face to God...

Lord! Forgive our idolatry and set us free! Open our eyes to the ways we have allowed culture to dictate our way of life instead of your Holy Spirit!
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