Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some good stuff

I've been busy getting the cabins ready for the season—we're officially open! But, only two are really ready as of this moment—and one of those is rented.

We'll have them all ready to go by the middle of next week, but it's been a bit hectic in the meantime. In fact, I should be doing other things right now! : )

Anyway, some good stuff that I just now took the time to read:

Alan Knox has a good series on the love problem. The first post has a link to them all. Here's a good appetizer:

ately, whenever I’ve talked about this “love problem,” I’m often met with reasons, excuses, justifications, conditions, and finger pointing. This has happened several times. I’ve rarely been met with this answer: “You’re right… we’re not very loving.”

This is a problem. It’s a problem we must own up to. It’s a problem we must address.


And, Roger Olson has a good post on the Bible. Here's the heart of it:

First, speaking only for myself, and realizing I will sound like a fundamentalist here, I don’t think the Bible is all that unclear if read and studied properly, that is, reasonably–recognizing the Bible for what it is (now I’ll stop sounding like a fundamentalist)–not a source book of propositional answers to curious questions but a complex narrative written and compiled by human authors led by but not over ridden by the Holy Spirit.

Second, still speaking only for myself, in my opinion, everything we need to know to have a sound relationship with God and to become whole and holy persons is clear in Scripture.

Third, just because people disagree about what a text means does not mean it isn’t clear. There are all kinds of reasons why people don’t “see” what is clear. They approach scripture with preconceived interpretive frameworks that don’t really fit all of scripture or they are morally challenged and don’t want the Bible to contradict their lifestyle or vested interests or they are looking for harmony beyond what the Bible offers or was intended to offer. There are many conceivable reasons why people disagree about what the Bible says.

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About sums it up, doesn't it? My experience tells me that the most common problem is the first one: a source book for everything. Folks, it ain't! It's designed to bring us to Christ, who is the source of everything!
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