Thursday, May 02, 2013

May 2nd thoughts

I just heard that today is the the National Day of Prayer. There's a good meditation on what that means over at Ted's blog. Here's a snippet to whet your appetite:
I especially will pray for the church, for us in Jesus, that we will let our light shine in the darkness. That we might bear and live out his love, a love for all. That we might be known as followers of Jesus. And I will pray myself, even if I don’t pray it out loud that the unholy alliance between church and state will be broken. That we will be the bold witness who really finally can speak truth to power. A truth that will cut to the heart against any agenda of America be it Democrat, Republican, libertarian, etc. The truth of the kingdom of God come in Jesus and the shalom that comes with that, to be seen in the church in and through Jesus, weak and immature in its stage as it now may be. Together in the mission of Jesus for the world.
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Amen! Lord, set your church free, that we might shine for you and you alone!
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