Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Laying your cards on the table

As a matter of full disclosure, let me say at this point that I view the Bible, both Old and New Testaments in all of its teachings, as the church’s sacred and authoritative Scripture. Christian faith is bound to this book in all that we believe and practice as Christians. While we recognize that the Bible is an authoritative and sacred book, we also recognize that this authority is a derived authority and that the final authority for all Christians is Jesus Christ (Matt 28:19). He is the Lord of the church (Rom 10:9) and the Scriptures accurately reflect his teachings, his life, his fate, and his significance for the church today. We do not worship the Bible, but the God to whom the Bible directs our obedience, worship, and praise. Formation of the Bible, page 17

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What a great way to start a book on the canon and its formation!

Thanks for Bobby at Hendrickson Publishers for the book—way back when! It got put on a bookshelf when we moved up here and didn't get read as quickly as it might have...I'll be pulling a few snippets out over the next few days.
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