Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The higher the cost...

But it is not merely that more demanding religious groups attract and hold more members than do the less demanding faiths. They recruit them! That is, their members are sufficiently committed so that they seek to bring others into the fold, something members of the less demanding faiths seem reluctant to do. Nearly half of all members of the various evangelical Protestant denominations report that they have personally witnessed to a stranger within the past month and two-thirds have witnessed to friends. The Triumph of Christianity, page 363

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That explains the draw of cults, doesn't it? So it's a two edged sword—true Christianity demands everything, but so do a lot of the cults. We definitely, desperately need the Holy Spirit to enlighten us!

By the way, that's the last excerpt from this book. Not sure what I'll be extracting from next. I guess we'll all find out tomorrow, eh? : )
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