Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's the Spirit, stupid...

The story of the Son’s incarnation, death, and resurrection narrates the restoration to human nature of its capacity for imaging the divine likeness by living in relationship with God; the activity of the Spirit applies this healing to humanity. “What Christ has accomplished universally, the Spirit perfects particularly.” Thus, the Son does not redeem human beings without the Spirit’s work of ingrafting them into the triune life. Without the abiding presence of the Spirit, we cannot begin to follow Christ. Through the indwelling of the Spirit, human persons become partakers of the divine nature.— Theosis, Volume 2, page 230

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That's the final selection from this book. As I said when I started it, the first two chapters are a bit to get through, but after that, it's great. I would still say that I preferred the first volume, but this is a good addition.
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