Wednesday, August 06, 2014

That explains a lot

These garments of skin are put on human beings after “Fall” and are understood to indicate that what can be said empirically to be “human nature” is not the original nature as created by God. This construal of the “Fall” by Eastern writers tends to be focused on human embodiment rather than on the “will,” which leaves open the possibility of the human person conforming his/her will (under grace) to the divine will, and therefore the possibility of a theandric “synergy.” In the works of Augustine of Hippo the consequences of the “Fall” are focused on the inability of the human will and the lack of true freedom of the will. The consequence of these different emphases in the interpretation of the “Fall” means that the possibility of the created order co-operating with God’s redemptive activity is on the whole excluded by those who follow the Augustinian tradition.— Theosis, Volume 2, page 196

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That explains a lot. Personally, I think it also excludes a lot of scripture...
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