Friday, November 14, 2014

Another argument for house churches

I ran across this interesting little tidbit today here:
[S]ociologist Josh Packard shared some of his groundbreaking research on the Dones. He explained these de-churched were among the most dedicated and active people in their congregations. To an increasing degree, the church is losing its best.

For the church, this phenomenon sets up a growing danger. The very people on whom a church relies for lay leadership, service and financial support, are going away. And the problem is compounded by the fact that younger people in the next generation, the Millennials, are not lining up to refill the emptying pews...

The Dones are fatigued with the Sunday routine of plop, pray and pay. They want to play. They want to participate. But they feel spurned at every turn.

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Maybe because that's not how God designed the church to function. Ever think of that? Maybe the New Testament model of "one another"—including teaching/sermonizing!!—is the correct model. Maybe simple, organic church, with multiplicity of eldership, involvement in each others lives on more than a superficial, Sunday morning, stare at the head in front of you level really is a better idea. Maybe. But I'm afraid it won't happen until the present top-heavy megachurch franchises collapse...

By the way, do read the entire article; it's very short.
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