Wednesday, November 12, 2014


It is almost disconcerting to witness the severity of God’s judgment upon this mighty warrior [Moses]; but he broke the type, he violated the first principle of victorious Christian living—CHRIST IN YOU, the hope of glory! He never got beyond Jesus and Him crucified. In the language of the Old Testament, his Gospel was never more than “Come to Jesus, and have your sins forgiven.” It was a message of “heaven some day, but the wilderness now!” He left Christ on the cross! He knew nothing of the Saving Life of Christ.— The Saving Life of Christ, page 121

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OK, I have bit of a hard time with his exegesis here, but the underlying message is still true. And it's the message that most, if not all, evangelical churches preach. And it doesn't really save, if by salvation we mean a full-orbed salvation from sin—and not just a deliverance from the penalty of sin.
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