Friday, November 07, 2014

The present tense

This is the forgotten tense of the Church of Jesus Christ today. We live either in the past tense or in the future tense. We say either “Ebenezer—hitherto hath the Lord helped us,” or we comfort ourselves with “Maranatha—Behold the Lord cometh,”—but we forget that He is the eternal I AM, the eternal present tense, adequate right now for every need!— The Saving Life of Christ, page 70

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I've heard it described as "bed post theology"—we have a great headboard in salvation and a great footboard in heaven, but in between we have a very saggy bed! We hang on by the skin of our teeth until (finally!) we get safely to heaven.

What a travesty! It's a truncated gospel. The present tense needs to be recovered by the church!
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