Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Divorce was not part of the Creator’s design, as Jesus will state up-front in Matthew 19:8–9. Moses only permitted divorce because the Israelites had hard hearts and didn’t want to bear the full burden of God’s holy law. In fact, Jesus believes Genesis 1–2 comprehends marriage as an inviolable union created by God—the man and the woman become “one flesh” (19:5–6). For Jesus marriage is about “with-ness” and the perichoretic indwelling of one another.— Sermon on the Mount, page 97 (emphasis original)

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Still the problem, isn't it? What percentage of divorces are the result of unforgiveness? I suspect a very high percentage. Hardness of heart, I want my own way and you want your own way. After all, isn't marriage about meeting my needs?

If that's your attitude going into marriage, then you are doomed to fail. Marriage is about dying to self, serving the other person because you love them. Not about getting them to serve you to prove that they love you! Oh, I know that sounds backwards. Maybe that's because it is backwards!

Footnote: Yes, I know there are instances of abuse. But Jesus wasn't addressing those here and neither am I. I'm addressing the vast majority of divorces that are the result of selfishness and unforgiveness...

Besides, it's my blog, and I can do what I want! (anyone sense the irony of that statement...)
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