Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The power of the light

“When we’re honest with God about our sins, He forgives us. But when we are honest with other people, we find healing. What does healing mean? For one, confessing our sin to another person holds us accountable and helps us find the encouragement we need to break the cycle of our struggle. When we take what we’ve kept in the dark and drag it into the light, we find that it loses much of its power over us.”—AHA Student Edition electronic edition

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Amen and amen! Bringing it into the light defuses its power. But that makes sense, doesn't it? While it is in the dark, it can seem huge; there's no real definition to it while it's hiding in the closet. It could be as big as Leviathan—of course, it is more likely to be about as big as a chihuahua is, but like a chihuahua it barks and barks, making you think it is huge.
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